Exploring Pisa

Francesco pointed me in the direction of the leaning tower in the morning and I went there while he went off to study at his university. The tower leaned like it does in the pictures. I refrained from taking the classic tourist photo of me supporting the tower or trying to push it over. This was partly because, in my opinion, it’s a little cheesy and overdone, and partly because I was no-friends Cris and didn’t have anybody to take a picture of me. Granted, I could have asked the many tourists around me.

Where is the tower in the land of tourists (Pisa, Italy) resize It leans the other way (Pisa, Italy) resize Signs of a kiwi in Italy (Pisa, Italy) resize

Above: The leaning tower of Pisa sure does lean but don’t take my word for it, go and see it yourself.

What I liked about the tower was the surroundings. Ok, that’s not quite true. The tower was nice and it did lean impressively but it’s harder to appreciate something when it becomes a tourist attraction. The tower is surrounded by pretty buildings and lots of grass. I went and lazed on the grass and watched the tower lean. It paid me no attention. I wasn’t expecting any.

I caught up with Francesco and some of his friends for lunch. We had Calzone at a little stall. They were filled with normal pizza topping but also had a rice filling. A strange mix but tasty.

Cris and the crew (Pisa, Italy) resize Cris and Franscesco (Pisa, Italy) resize

Above: Cris eating Calzone with Italians.

I wandered around for a few more hours before heading back to Francesco’s flat and getting lost not more than 50 m from it. In the evening, him and I headed out into town and met two couch surfing lasses. At first we thought they were crazy but then we realised that they were crazy but in a good way.

We had a drink and food at one of them dinky little Italian things whose name I can’t remember. For 5 Euros we got a couple of plates of food and a drink. Good value and tasty. Francesco and the girls talked in rapid Italian pausing occasionally to translate the exciting bits. Later we went for a walk to check that the tower was doing ok. It was.

Us in Pisa (Pisa, Italy) resize Giulia, Eleonora, and Francesco (Pisa, Italy) resize

Above: Cris, Francesco, and the couch surfing gals Giulia and Eleonora.