A trip to Kempten

I headed into Kempten yesterday afternoon to meet my couch surfing friend Katharina. We went for a walk to the Iller river and up a little hill to look back towards the mountains. We drank glühwein at the Kempten Christmas Market and ate hot chestnuts. Then we headed back to her flat to cook pizza with her friend Franka.

The Iller by night (Kempten, Germany) resize Katharina (Kempten, Germany) resize

Above left: The Iller in the evening. Katha and I went for a walk out in the cold to the Iller and then returned to the christmas market to warm ourselves with mulled wine. Above right: Katha at the christmas market in Kempten. It was really quite cold but there wasn’t any snow like there is in Oberstdorf.

The evenings entertainment was provided by her flatmates who were cross-dressing for a themed party downstairs. After the guys had transformed into girls and we had drunk more glühwein we headed down to a little room full of guy-girls and girl-guys, alcohol, and cigarette smoke.

Katha (Kempten, Germany) resize Two pretty girls and a goober (Kempten, Germany) resize

Above left: The red christmas hat migrated between people during the evening. Above right: Franka and Katha play dominoes against the weird looking guy on the right. Ok, it didn’t help that the red eye reduction tool that I used seemed to be set to mega-pupil-dilation mode.

Katha, Franka, and I drank a few beers and watched the goings-on. I stayed the night and we had the remaining pizza (we cooked a little too much) for breakfast. Then I headed back to Oberstaufen. Oberstaufen you say? Yes, Oberstaufen. It sounds similar to Oberstdorf. Let me assure you, it’s not the same place.

Below left: Two guy-girls show their moves on the dance floor.

That kind of party (Kempten, Germany) resize

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