More skiing

I met Katha and her friends at the Fellhorn in the morning and we went skiing. It was a good day out. We did some long runs from the top of the mountain all the way down into Austria. I filled my stomach to overflowing at the restaurant with “pommes” and “germknödel”. Oh yes the old knödel. I hadn’t tasted this little treat since I was in Ischgl, Austria in 1998. It’s a dumpling in vanilla sauce covered with sugary poppy seed(?) stuff. It’s filled with jam. Delicious. Apparently it’s only really made for tourists on the ski-fields.

Manu and Marcel (Kanzelwand, Austria) resize A and B (Kanzelwand, Austria) resize

Above left: The lads. Manu and Marcel. Above right: The ladies. Otherwise known as A and B to save space in my small brain.

Below left: Katha and myself. Below right: Us having chocolates after the day’s skiing. My attempt at making a joke in German ended with me getting a rum shot hot chocolate instead of the standard. Yum.

Katha and Cris (Kanzelwand, Austria) resize Hot chocolates after skiing (Fellhorn, Germany) resize