“Salewa” Klettersteig

In the afternoon Frauke and I headed to Oberjoch to go for a stroll and do a via ferrata route. It rained off and on as we wandered up the hill. As we arrived at the beginning of our klettersteig route the sun came out producing an awesome rainbow behind us. However, it was still rather cold and the rock was really slippery.

Frauke and rainbow (Salewa Klettersteig, Oberjoch, Germany) resize Little blue flowers (Salewa Klettersteig, Oberjoch, Germany) resize

Above left: The sun came out and produced this rainbow behind Frauke. Above right: Little blue flowers grow in the rock on our route.

The climbing company Salewa seems to have bought the naming rights to the route and have called it (surprise) “The Salewa Klettersteig”. Woohoo. Anyway, we were amused by the sign at the start of the route stipulating the required equipment. As one might guess not just any klettersteig set, harness, and helmet will suffice. Only Salewa equipment was going to cut it here. Below the pictures of the Salewa gear someone had stuck an Edelrid sticker.

The route was quite fun but was made more difficult by the slippery rock. It took about an hour and then we were at the top on a peak name Jseler at 1876m.

Cris climbing (Salewa Klettersteig, Oberjoch, Germany) resize A steep section (Salewa Klettersteig, Oberjoch, Germany) resize Cris at the top 2 (Salewa Klettersteig, Oberjoch, Germany) resize

Above left: Cris climbing. Above middle: Frauke on a steep section. Above right: Cris at the summit of Jseler.