Day 8 – Tomesrenna

We were all a little tired and indecisive in the morning. Despite setting alarms for 6:30 am we fluffed around until 9:00 am before we headed out into reasonably crusty weather. We drove for an hour or so and did a small tour towards Tomesrenna and the glacier above. We ended up abandoning due to dodgy snow and avalanche conditions (and a wee bit of laziness). The sun came out, however, and we still had a good time.

Cris with fiord behind (Tomesrenna, Norway) resize Em and Chris with fiord behind (Tomesrenna, Norway) resize

Above left: Cris takes a break after slogging through thick wet snow. Above right: Em and Chris with the fiords behind.

View of snowy mountains 2 (Tomesrenna, Norway) resize View of snowy mountains (Tomesrenna, Norway) resize

Above: View up towards the colouir (Tomesrenna).

Hallvard slogs up the mountain (Tomesrenna, Norway) resize Hallvard (Tomesrenna, Norway) resize Tim (Tomesrenna, Norway) resize

Above left: Hallvard slogs up the hill. Above middle: Hallvard (our Norwegian) takes a break. Above right: Tim (our Aussie) takes a break.

Hut and mountains 2 (Tomesrenna, Norway) resize Hallvard jumps off the grass roof (Tomesrenna, Norway) resize

Above left: Our tour passed by these little grass huts. Above right: Hallvard demonstrates the proper use of the grass roofed huts. He landed it. Apparently the grass was not as slippery as he had thought hence his interesting technique.