More mountain biking

I really should do some road cycling before Le Race in a few weeks. But I wasn’t inspired. So on Saturday I rode a quick solo coppermine in much better weather than forecast. On Sunday I rode up the Dun to Third House and then out to Involution and back along the rode with Courtney. JJ accompanied us up to Four Corners before heading off to check out the coppermine race course.

Above: Riding the copperine on Saturday. Made exciting with dramatic music by Go Pro Quik…

Wakamarina Mountain Biking

Pat, Georgia and I rode the Wakamarina track.


Our ride started in Canvastown and took us along the road to Havelock where we, quite sensibly, stopped for pies. In keeping with our wise decision making Pat and I bought extra pies for the road. Unfortunately this is where Pat’s wiseness ended and he devoured his after a few kilometres more of riding. I kept mine in my backpack for the inevitable energy dip later in the day.

We headed off up forestry roads to the beginning of the single track. It’s surrounded by native bush and is quite ridable in some parts, less ridable in others, and not at all ridable in a few sections. It was a mix of this to the saddle where we had short laze in the sun. Then came the first descent, again a mix of ridable and not so ridable. It was good fun, a nice single track through lush native bush.

Pat had a crash onto rocks and I got a puncture but aside from this we made it to the next climb. We had to carry our bikes in parts as we headed up the tramping-track trail. I found the following descent more difficult. There were plenty of black wet tree roots that had a tendency to whip the back tyre out. We stopped for my pie half way down which I was in need of.

Finally we followed a nice undulating single track out to the road. It was dusk by this time and we cycled back out to the main road in the dark. My legs were feeling good and I zoomed off ahead for some roadie mountain biking.

It was a very nice day mission. Annoyingly my camera gave up on me so I have no photos on the track. Luckily my go pro was more reliable.

Above: Mountain biking the Wakamarina Track on a sunny and clear winter’s day.

Coppermine Mountain Biking

It was the shortest day of the year and after a week of grey and rain the sun was out. I decided to make the most of it and packed a big and heavy bag of unnecessary items and was off. I cycled up the Dun mountain bike trail to Coppermine Saddle. From there I dropped down the flowing single track into the Maitai Valley and rode back out to the flat.