Coppermine Mountain Biking

It was the shortest day of the year and after a week of grey and rain the sun was out. I decided to make the most of it and packed a big and heavy bag of unnecessary items and was off. I cycled up the Dun mountain bike trail to Coppermine Saddle. From there I dropped down the flowing single track into the Maitai Valley and rode back out to the flat.

Mountain biking Kaiteriteri

I spent this afternoon mountain biking in Kaiteriteri. There are some great cross country tracks there, kilometres of flowing single track. It has got to be some of the best mountain biking I’ve ever done.

Mountain biking in Kaiteriteri

Above: I spent the day in Kaiteriteri. A quick road ride when I arrived and then after lunch I went mountain biking with Brent, Megan, Matt, Tegan, and Courtney.

Almost midwinter in Kaiteriteri

Above: Kaiteriteri is pretty nice without the tourists!

A weekend at the lake

To make the most of our new found freedom the inhabitants of the evil lair headed off to St Arnaud for the weekend. Brent and Megan had rented a bach there. I spent Saturday morning on my laptop addicted to my programming side hussles. In the afternoon I went mountain biking with Brent and Pat. We had a delicious Mexican style feast for dinner.

On Sunday we all went walking up the hill beside the lake and along the ridge. We had a great scree down off the ridge, followed by a bush bash back down the lake. I jogged back to the bach from there and got back into my C++.

We drove back to Nelson early on Monday morning.