Cross country skiing Schauinsland March 2013

Some cross country skiing fun at SchauinslandSnowy trees (Schauinsland Loipe)

Above left: Jochen, Waltraud, Sebastian, Rebecca, and I went for a quick smash around the Schauinsland loipe on our cross country skis. The loipe was hard and the weather was nice and sunny. Yay. Unfortunately Seb seemed to be dying from some sort of lurgi and went home early.  Above right: There were patches of mist along the way but predominantly blue skies.

More cross country skiing

Two more perfect cross country skiing sessions. The first with perfect weather and the second with perfect snow. A road ride squeezed in the middle.


Awesome view langlaufen 2 (Freiburg, Germany)_resizeA birthday bike ride (Freiburg, Germany)_resize

Above: Perfect weather for cross country skiing, and not too bad for road cycling… How odd…


Yum, yum, some birthday cake (Freiburg, Germany)_resizeReady to set off (Langlaufen Schauinslandspur)_resize

Above left: I got older too and received a cake for my efforts. Yay, thank you cake-maker. Above right: We set off for a quick zap around the Schauinsland track. It was just under zero and the snow conditions were perfect. Nice and quick.

Above: Cross country skiing Stübenwasenspur.

Cross country skiing at Schauinsland

Die Saison hat begonnen…

A beautiful day in Freiburg. The nasty misty grey had gone. Snow had fallen in the hills and Jakob, Nadine, and I headed up to the Schauinsland cross country skiing trail and tried out our langlaufen legs. The snow wasn’t too bad for the first day of the season and Jakob and I puffed our way around on skates while Nadine cruised around behind us on classics.

Jakob and Nadine about to set off (Schauinsland, Freiburg, Germany)

Above: Jakob and Nadine about to set off to ski the Schauinsland cross country skiing trail.

Cross country skiing Schauinsland

Jakob, Sebastian, Waltraud and I headed up to the Schauinsland Spur for some evening cross country skiing. We skied the longer of the routes. Despite it being evening the air was really warm. Spring must be on its way. Despite this the snow was actually really quite ok to ski on. We paused often along the way to look out towards the alps and as the sunset. Sebastian was ecstatic and spent the entire trip saying “geil… oh, geil”.

Keen skiers (Schauinsland spur, Freiburg) resize Sunset on alps 2 (Schauinsland spur, Freiburg) resize

Above left: Having a break on the loipe. Above right: We had an awesome view out to the alps as the sun set. It’s not often like this.

Sunset (Schauinsland spur, Freiburg) resize

Above: Sunset from the loipe.

Above: Unfortunately I still don’t know how to ski…