Lake Nerine

We headed up to Lake Wilson in the morning and slowly picked our way along the Serpentine Range eventually heading up over the North Col and sidling around towards Lake Nerine. The weather was suddenly cold and wet on the North side of the col but as we sidled the rain stopped and we were left with fog instead. We dropped down to the lake and set up camp for the night. At some point the fog cleared and the sun came out and we went for a quick skinny dip in the lake. I spent another day trying to keep up with the others. I’m much slower (relatively) compared with our trip to Ice Lake a few years ago. Sad smile

Emily Peak

Chris, Steve, Emily and I drove into the Routeburn Shelter yesterday evening and then walked into the Routeburn Flats Hut. We camped North of the hut for the night.

Today we headed back past the Routeburn Flats Hut directly South climbing up a steep ravine and picking our way up to Emily Pass. From there we headed up Emily Peak from the ridge leading South East from the pass. It was a mixture of scrambling and some easy climbing on chossy rock. Steve lead the few pitches to the summit and we climbed up on top rope. We had a great view from the summit down to Lake Mackenzie. We down climbed from the peak and abseiled the last section back to the ridge and headed off down to Lake Mackenzie where we had a brew up. The DoC warden interrogated us as we walked past Lake Mackenzie Hut. Where would we be staying? Did we know the rules? It’s already late. That’s a long way. We assured him we’d be camping sufficiently far away from the Great Walk and set off northwards. At Conical Hill we dropped down to Lake Harris and then  found a camp site on the flats below the climb to Lake Wilson. The site was pretty nice with an upstairs, an elevated knoll where Steve and I pitched for the night. The Fornes were downstairs.

A good day out.


Leonie, Timo, and I went for a wander up Hundstein (2157 m) near Säntis in the Alpstein massif.

This is what it looked like…

More walking (Hundstein Sept 2016)Leonie beside a lake (Hundstein Sept 2016)View down towards the lake (Hundstein Sept 2016)

Above left: We went for a walk with Timo around the Säntis area (Alpstein Massif) in Switzerland. Above middle: There were lakes and whatnot. Above right: We ended up heading up to Hundstein.

Another nice view (Hundstein Sept 2016)Leonie walk walk (Hundstein Sept 2016)Timo walk walk (Hundstein Sept 2016)

Above left: The views were nice. Above middle: Although scrambly in one part it was quite do-able. We ascended from the Fälensee which is easier than the route up from Widderalp saddle. Above right: Slog, slog, slog.

Taking a rest at the summit (Hundstein Sept 2016)

Above: Proof that we made it to the top.

It took about 8.5 hours from car-to-car with a stop at a hut for a drink.

Hundstein walk September 2016

Above: Here’s a map showing our route.