Tramping Mt Somers

We organised a family tramp into Woolshed Creek Hut near Mt Somers. It was a family trip because we had Simon, Anita, and their little one, and Clare, and her little one. So it was me, Katie, Gina, and the families.

Walking 2 (Woolshed Creek Tramp)Descending to the hut (Woolshed Creek Tramp)Playing pigs (Woolshed Creek Tramp)

Above left: We headed into Woolshed Creek Hut for an overnighter with the little people. Above middle: The little people did well with a mix of walking and being carried. Above right: We hung about in the hut in the evening.

Cris goes fishing for his croc (Woolshed Creek Tramp)Tramping in the mist (Mt Somers)

Above left: Throw away Cris’s shoe was played on the way out the next day. Above right: It was quite misty on the way out although we kept getting glimpses of blue sky to tantalise us.

Last minute rock climbing

Holly and I headed down to Albert Tce and met Simon and Michael there. We did a few easy climbs in the sun. Albert Tce is nicely bolted and happy. We did however notice a large slab of rock that has been secured to the rest of the crag with large steel rods so I guess the earthquakes did affect the crag a little.

Then it was back home for lunch with the family. Simon, Anita, Elayna, and Gina showed up too. And now it’s back to Germany. Yay, long-haul flights.