A day of driving

We spent most of the day driving. To spice the journey up a little Chris did his best job at getting the car stuck in a bank of snow after rallying around near the seaside. Friendly Norwegians helped us dig it out. We floated across fiords on ferries and slept on another patch of snow in a little town.

Cris by the sea (Norway) resize Emily and Chris lift off (Norway) resize

Above: The wind did its best to blow us away when we stopped briefly by the sea.

Below left: Chris got the car stuck in the snow which provided much amusement for some friendly Norwegians who helped us dig the car out. This provided much embarrassment for Emily.

Below right: We found a little shelter in a rest area to make dinner and we pitched our tent behind the shelter on the snow.

Digging out the car 1 (Norway) resize Dinner one night (Norway) resize

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