Norway 2016 – Day 11

The weather was pretty average again so we fluffed around at the hut until 1 pm when it looked like there was a bit of a break in the rain. We walked to Veltdalshytta hut which turned out to be a 50 bunk mansion. The walk was nice except for the rain that returned. There was a nice view down to the lake during the descent to the hut.

Inside Veltdalshytta (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)

Above: We found another hut that was more of a mansion in the mountains and certainly nicer than our flat.

Norway 2016 – Day 10

At about 5 am there was the sound of a bus slowing down on the road below us and shortly after the sound of a tent being put up near ours. Craig had arrived for some tramping.

We didn’t set off until around midday and a couple of hours later our friend the rain showed up. Then the wind joined in and this made our decision to go to Torsbu, the closest of the huts easier.

We ate lunch sheltering behind a locked private hut and then continued up the hill to a lake where we found two very tidy DNT huts.

We set up in the main Torsbu hut. Leonie lit the fire and after collecting water I went to check out the delights in the food room.

Bog and Sodd! Fantastic.

Pancakes, biscuits, salmon, rice, toddy, everything that you might want. We spent the evening roasting in the hut and eating lots. After seeing a thermometer outside registering just a couple of degrees, the warmth in the hut was very nice.

Getting settled in in Torsbu DNT hut (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)Bog and Sodd (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)

Above left: We took over the Torsbu hut. Actually there were two of them, both uninhabited. We picked one and Leonie lit a fire so that we could get warm and dry our clothes. Above right: The hut was full of dubious sounding food such as Bog and Sodd.

Water slave (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)

Above: I collected water from the lake that we boiled on Leonie’s fire.

Norway 2016 – Day 9

We woke up to patches of blue sky and fresh snow on the mountains behind us. It was very cold so we boiled water and ate breakfast from our tent.

After packing up we rolled down the hill to Billingen. This was one end of our planned tramping trip into the Reinheimen National Park. We discovered a restaurant beside an impressive river and indulged ourselves with hot chocolate and pizza.

The sun looked like it was here to stay for the day. We found a plateau up the road a way and pitched our tent there and began the grand Thursday afternoon dry out.

Following this we went for a walk by the river and took snaps of the waterfalls and then indulged ourselves again with cake and waffles at the restaurant. We organised for Craig to meet us at our campsite using the power of The Internet and WhatsApp.

Leonie lit a fire in the evening and we had a curry and I toasted a few bits of bread on the rocks around the fire. Norway is very nice with it doesn’t rain.

Partly sunny morning (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)

Above: The view from our toilet camp site in the morning wasn’t bad.

View from the tent by the toilet (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)Inside the tent (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)Cycling with blue sky (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)Leonie warming up (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)

Above 1) The view from the tent door was a bit average though. 2) We looked at the map and schemed what to do when Craig would arrived. 3) We spent the morning riding down the valley. 4) We came across a restaurant near the Reinheimen National Park and took advantage of the hot chocolate and pizza on offer.

Signs into Reinheimen NP (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)Waterfall (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)Cris and waterfall 2 (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)Leonie sitting by the waterfall (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)

Above 1) There were walking opportunities from here into the park. 2) The river was very nice. 3) There were plenty of waterfalls. 4) Yes, lots of waterfalls.

Yum, yum (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)Mmmm cake (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)Leonie and her fire (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)

Above 1) We ate waffles and carrot cake in the evening. 2) Mmmm delicious. A very good carrot cake and the waffles weren’t too bad either. 3) Leonie lit a Leonie Fire in the evening and warmed ourselves a little by it.

Leonie at our camp site (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)A restaurant (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)

Above 1) We had found a nice flat area for camping. 2) The restaurant looked pretty with its lights in the evening.

Norway 2016 – Day 8

We awoke to… rain!

After a while though it stopped and as we packed up I was excited to briefly see my shadow. We headed up the pass in overcast conditions but with only light rain near the top. Then it was a descent into Geiranger Fiord where we spent quite a while shopping, eating lunch, and trying not to freeze.

We headed up the pass towards Lom late afternoon. The rain turned to sleet near the top of the pass and we had a very cold decent of about 100 m before we stopped at some public toilets where we pitched the tent and cooked under the shelter outside.

It was salmon and cous cous for dinner. A guy from Holland emerged from his campervan and asked if we wanted to warm up with him and his wife after they watched us trying to get warm. At the pass, a Belgian couple had turned around and drove back to ask if we were alright. Nice people.

Leonie and snow in the mountains (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)Waterfall (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)Sheltering at the toilet (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)

Above left: It had snowed in the night and there was a dusting of fresh snow up high. Above middle: More fresh snow and plenty of water. Above right: Our descent from the pass above Geiranger was very cold and we were a little worried about where we would stay and whether we would be able to get warm but luckily this block of toilets rescued us. We pitched our tent near a stray poo and cooked dinner out of the rain.

Norway 2016 – Day 7

We awoke to rain.

We hung around in the hut until around midday when we decided we couldn’t avoid it any longer. We then had a wet walk out to our bikes. I stopped briefly to pick wild blueberries and proved by not dying that they were in fact blueberries.

We then rode down the hill to the fiord where we caught a ferry across to Eisdal. We cycled a way up the hill looking for cabins but they were all full so we set up camp beneath some trees at a campsite and warmed up with long showers.

A Belgium family took pity on us and invited us in for dinner. We cooked in their kitchen and then swapped stories at their table for a while. Very nice of them.

Leonie and tent (Cycle Touring Norway 2016)

Above: This is not what it looked like. The blue sky appeared the following morning and vanished not long afterwards.