Running the Nydia Track

Matt, Brent and I drove to Duncan Bay in Tennyson Inlet. From there we ran to Nydia Bay through the beautiful green forest. It was a sunny winter’s day and the scenery was great.

Brent and Matt at the start (Nydia Run June 2020)Running down to Nydia Bay (Nydia Run June 2020)Nice bush (Nydia Run June 2020)Cris (Nydia Run June 2020)

1) Matt, Brent, and I ran part of the Nydia Track. Here they are posing at the start of the track.

2) We ran down to Nydia Bay and then back to Duncan Bay where we started.

3) The scenery was really nice.

4) The run was about 26 km with a hill in the middle.

Run to Nydia Topo

Above: Our route today + the edge of my bike ride earlier in the year to the left. We ran from Duncan Bay to Nydia Bay and back.

Running home

We piled into the evil wagon in the morning and drove out to the Hacket. The four of us jogged into Browning Hut. It was a fresh morning but the sun was coming out. Mat headed back to the car and Pat, Georgia and I continued. We climbed up through the bush and made our way slowly back through the hills to the flat in Brook St. It was an enjoyable jog with good company in nice weather.

A weekend in Totaranui

I drove over to Totaranui on Friday night and spent the weekend there with the Wall and the Bodger families. Well some parts of them. Emily was there and we went running on Saturday out to Mutton Cove. On Sunday I borrowed Pat’s single kayak and went kayaking back out to Mutton Cove. It was warm and blue. It really is paradise there.

Anapai Bay