Ari visits-25-Climbing near Wanaka

The rain had stopped and the sun was starting to come out. We drove back into Wanaka and ate pies at the lake shore and then followed the road around the side to Hospital Flat where we parked amongst the tourists. We did two easy climbs at the main cliff. Then we crossed the road and a paddock to another wall up on the side of a hill amongst a bit of bush and bracken. We climbed an easy route followed by a more interesting one, made more interesting by the variety of moves and different hand holds.

We ate lunch at the side of Lake Wanaka and later in the afternoon we drove to Kidds Bush stopping along the way to take photos of the expanse of blue water that is Lake Hawea. We set up camp near the side of the lake and went for a short walk.

View across Lake Wanaka (Ari visits 2020)View of climbing crag (Ari visits 2020)Ari after abseiling (Ari visits 2020)View along Lake Hawea towards Kidds Bush (Ari visits 2020)Ari and tent at Kidds Bush (Ari visits 2020)Lake Hawea by night (Ari visits 2020)Ari inside the tent (Ari visits 2020)

1) After checking out of our Air BnB we drove to Wanaka and bought some fatty pastries for breakfast. We ate them by the lake shore. This is the view across the lake.

2) We went climbing at Hospital Flat near Wanaka.

3) We did a few easy climbs on both sides of the road.

4) After climbing, in the evening, we drove along the side of Lake Hawea to Kidds Bush where we stopped to camp the night.

5) We pitched the tent on a bank above the lake away from most of the campers. It was very busy but we had a spot that was more secluded.

6) The sun set.

7) We got ready for bed.

Ari visits-18-22-Climbing in Christchurch

Day 18

It was overcast in the morning and it began to rain as we drove South. We stopped at the hot pools in Hanmer for a swim before driving back to Christchurch.

Maruia falls (Ari visits 2020)

Above: We stopped at Maruia falls on the way down for a quick look.

Dinner (Ari visits 2020)

Above: Dinner at Holly’s house.

Day 19

We had a lazy day for most of the day but did a few climbs at Albert Tce in the evening after drinking delicious hot chocolate and eating muffins and chocolate cake at Coffee Culture.

Ari (Ari visits 2020)Delicious cafe treats (Ari visits 2020)Climbing at Albert Tce (Ari visits 2020)

1) We spent some time relaxing in Christchurch after arriving back. The weather forecast was bad so we spent longer than originally planned back in Christchurch.

2) Delicious cafe treats.

3) We went climbing at Albert Tce again.

Day 20

We went climbing at Cattlestop Crag and got some treats from the coffee shop in the evening.

Climbing at cattle stop crag (Ari visits 2020)

Above: We went climbing at Cattle Stop crag.

Day 21

We didn’t do a whole lot. The weather was a bit average. I ended up going for a very short run around sugar loaf while Ari went walking.

Tasty treats (Ari visits 2020)

Above: Tasty snacks for Holly’s Birthday brunch.

Holly celebrates her Birthday (Ari visits 2020)

Above: Celebrating Holly’s Birthday.

Day 22

It was a warm morning. We did two tricky climbs at Bivy rock. I really enjoyed the second one as it had nice moves but still quite good hand holds.

We drove to Purau after climbing and met the family there. It was super hot by this stage and we went for a short kayak. The water was fine for swimming and I cooled off in it before we ate our picnic lunch in the shade.

We decided to take an adventurous route back and drove Port Levy by the small road. From there we continued to Pigeon bay by the unsealed road and on up to the Summit Road. We drove back to Christchurch via Little River.

Ari abseiling (Ari visits 2020)Ari kayaking in the harbour (Ari visits 2020)Ari with Akaroa harbour behind (Ari visits 2020)

1) We climbed at Bivvy Rock and I lead a really nice 19. This wasn’t it. This was the grovely 18 to the left. This climb had not very nice holds the other one had much better holds!

2) We met the family at Purau and went kayaking there. It was one of those meltingly hot summer days.

3) Then Ari and I decided to head back via the peninsula. We drove to Pigeon Bay and then up to the Summit Road. I’d never been along the road before so it was interesting to see. We continued back to Christchurch in the evening.

Ari visits-12-Climbing at Paines Ford

We went to the river in the morning and I swam in the swimming hole then we had breakfast in Takaka, in a park, while waiting for our clothes, which we washed. It was then back to hangdog and to the rocks for some climbing. I was not so motivated and took a short nap on the bench while Ari abseiled from one of the climbs.

Later we cooked some emergency energy-refilling lunch and then headed back to the river for another swim. It was a scorching hot day and the water was nice and refreshing although not as cold as I expected.

In the evening we packed our kayaks for an adventure.

At the swimming hole (Ari visits 2020)Ari at the top of the climb (Ari visits 2020)

Above left: I went swimming at the swimming hole at Paynes Ford in the morning. Ari came to watch.

Above right: We went climbing at Paynes Ford. For some reason I was really tired. I took a nap while Ari abseiled back down from her climb.