Zugspitze July 2018

Johannes and I drove to Munich on Saturday collecting Brendan and some boots for Johannes there before driving on to Garmisch-Partenkirchen where we camped the night.

On Sunday we got up at 5 am and by 6:30 am we began walking up towards Zugspitze. We followed the route through the Höllentalschlucht and up to the Höllentalangerhütte. We then continued on to a small section of klettersteig. From there it was a wander up to the Höllentalferner. We put on crampons where the stones turned to snow and walked up the perhaps 100 vertical metres to the start of the second klettersteig section. From there it was fairly slow going due to the high traffic. Brendan and I snuck past and romped up to the summit. We sat there and waited for Johannes and watched the streams of tourists coming from the gondola and walking the few metres to the summit to claim that they have been on top of Germany’s highest mountain. The summit really wasn’t nice. The whole area was like a huge shopping complex. There were restaurants and whatnot.

Still we made use of the infrastructure and took the gondola back down. We looked at the nearby lake before taking a train back to the car and driving back to Lindau.

The ascent took us around 6 hours with stops (there weren’t many).


Map of route

Above: A map of our route (Kompass Wanderkarte)

Walking (Zugspitze July 2018)

Above: We drove to Garmisch-Partenkirchen on Saturday and camped the evening there. We ate out in the evening and I ordered Kaiserschmarrn for dessert to ensure that I would be fully charged in the morning. We set off from the carpark about 6:30am eager to avoid the crowds.

A lot of walking (Zugspitze July 2018)

Above: After an hour or so we reached the Höllentalschlucht. This is a ravine maybe 800m long with plenty of water from above and tunnels through the rock.

Johannes and Brendan walking (Zugspitze)Crossing the first klettersteig (Zugspitze July 2018)

Above left: We passed the Höllentalangerhütte around breakfast time and continued on despite Johannes calling for second breakfast. We stopped at the first klettersteig for this. Above right: We passed the Höllentalangerhütte around breakfast time and continued on despite Johannes calling for second breakfast. We stopped at the first klettersteig for this.

About to get onto the second klettersteig (Zugspitze)Looking down to the glacier (Zugspitze July 2018)

Above left: We reached and crossed the Höllentalferner using crampons (not strictly required for the snow conditions but nice to have). We didn’t rope up (I left the glacier rope in the car) and only saw one party doing this. There were some visible crevasses though so depending on the time of year it might pay to put a rope on. The climb across the glacier was just 200 m or so. We took off our crampons and put our harnesses back on for the last ferrata section. Above right: There were plenty of other people doing the route as well. Although we had left early many were doing it in two days so had left from the Höllentalangerhütte in the morning.

Johannes leads the way (Zugspitze July 2018)Cloud coming in (Zugspitze July 2018)

Above left: The second klettersteig was not hard either and there was a nice view back down to the glacier below. Above right: The cloud came in a bit at times but the weather was generally ok.


Above: Strava’s 2 cents.


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Craig visits

Craig came to visit for a few days.

On Saturday Leonie drove us out to Liechtenstein and we walked into the mountains, over the Three Sisters and back into Austria to Feldkirch where we took the train back to Lindau.

On Sunday morning it rained. We headed to Allageu around lunch time and by the time we arrived it was sunny. We went for a walk in the hills in the afternoon and then drove to Tannheim in Austria and camped the night there.

On Monday we did the Salewa Klettersteig again. We met Leonie at the top as we were a little pushed for time. The weather cleared on the summit and we had blue skies again.

On the way up we did some dog rescuing just before the crux of the climb. I swapped backpacks with a girl who was carrying her dog up to the summit with her so that she had less weight to carry.


Fürstensteig (Liechtenstein)So much view (The Three Sisters, Liechtenstein)

Above left: Craig and I got a lift out to Liechtenstein with Leonie and walked up into the mountains. We headed over a bunch of peaks to the Three Sisters and then down into Austria. We caught the train home from Feldkirch. Above right: The weather was pretty good.

Sun shining through the rock (The Three Sisters, Liechtenstein)Craig does some bouldering (The Three Sisters, Liechtenstein)

Above left: The rock formations were nice. Above right: Craig found some rock climbing to do.

At the top of somewhere (Allgäu)

Above: On Saturday we drove to Allgäu and went walking from Bad Hindelang into the hills above Oberjoch. The sun had come out after a rainy start to the day and it was quite nice.

Craig climbing (Salewa Klettersteig)Cris and dog (Salewa Klettersteig)At the top (Salewa Klettersteig)

Above left: Above middle: We did some rescuing on the way up. I swapped backpacks with a girl on the crux and carried her dog to the top.Above right: The weather cleared for us at the summit. Unfortunately I had forgot my camera so had to stick my phone.

Nagelfluhkette run

Tane turned up on Thursday evening for a few days before he heads down to Italy. Today we decided to stretch our legs and took the train to Immenstadt in the morning. After a quick fuel stop (hot chocolate, quark mandarin cake thing, and a chocolate croissant, yum) we headed up the valley from Immenstadt along the Nagelfluhkette/Panoramaweg following a very similar route to the Immenstadt Gebirgsmarathon.

We sweated along for a few hours, climbing and dropping again. The ridge is very narrow in places with good views down into the valley. Eventually we reached the gondola station on Hochgrat and stopped for germknödel, yum yum. The weather snapped from warm to cold-and-windy and we decided to take the gondola down. Unfortunately due to the wind they stopped the gondola and we had to wait an hour or so for a window of less wind before being sent down.

Tane setting off from Immenstadt  (Running Nagelfluhkette)_resizeTane ascending Stuiben 2 (Running Nagelfluhkette)_resizeTane running along the Nagelfluhkette (Running Nagelfluhkette)_resize

Above left: We set off from Immenstadt after stuffing our faces with delicious goodies from the bakery. Above middle: We headed up the valley and over a number of peaks including Stuiben here. Above right: When it was flat enough we ran.

Tane at Rindalphorn (Running Nagelfluhkette)_resizeCris on Hochgrat (Running Nagelfluhkette)_resizeTane at Hochgrat 2 (Running Nagelfluhkette)_resize

Above left: Tane did some reading along the way. Above middle: Cris did some posing. Above right: Sometimes we thought we were in Nepal.

The Germans should be more confident about their culinary abilities_resize

Above: The weather turned rubbish and we took the gondola down from Hochgrat. We decided against the German cuisine. There was something wrong with their advertising campaign.

Nagelfluhkette run: Moving time: 3:00:28  Dst: 16.6 km Ascent: 1838 m

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