Hintere Jamspitze and Dreiländerspitze

We left the Jamtalhuette at 8 am with blue sky and sunshine and headed up to the Hintere Jamspitze arriving around about midday.

We then had a small descent, followed by a short ascent and then another descent and we were on the other side of the glacier. We skied across and climbed up towards the Dreiländerspitze. A ski depot and then a scramble with ice axe and crampons up to the summit. The climb was very exposed in parts and I would have not been keen to do it if the snow had been hard or icy. The conditions were ok though and after clipping ourselves into a sling around the summit cross for some photos we descended again to the ski depot.

From there we had a really nice descent down to the Wiessbadener Hütte. It was steep from our ski depot but enjoyable and nice snow. It then flattened off a bit. Everywhere blue sky and white snow. Yum.


Roland and a group from the DAV Freiburg turned up in the morning and we headed to Montafon. We took the Vermuntbahn up to Biehlehoehe. From there we headed off into the mountains with blue sky and sunshine. I sweated like crazy and wished i was wearing ski pants that could be unzipped.

As we climbed though, the clouds came in until the peak we had intended to climb had vanished. The visibility continued to decline and we decided to head directly over the Totenfeldscharte to the Jamtalhuette instead.

We reached the Totenfeldscharte. The temperature had dropped dramatically, visibility was very low, it was windy, bits of snow fell out of the sky and blew past us. The descent didn’t look as friendly as expected. A lip of snow jutting out from the ridge into the air had formed and it looked steep below.

Lucky Roland and Dagmer were prepared and packed out the ropes and set up an anchor. We took turns abseiling off the ridge to the slopes below. It turned out that it was only a short section where we really needed the rope. The low visibility had made things look more difficult than they were.

One we finished abseiling we skied down over the glacier in fairly average snow conditions. We made it down to the jamtalhuette though with only a few face fulls of snow between us. We arrived in time for dinner and for some of the grouchy service/stinginess that I remember from previous years.

Before the visibility dropped the sky was blue and the sun did shine.

The descent from the Totenfeldscharte.

Ski touring Schwarzer Kranz

It was a perfect blue sky type of day. We set off into a valley (the Almajurtal) to the South of the Edelweiss Haus following a snow covered forestry road through the woods. Not long after the road crossed the river in the valley floor we started ascending until we reached the Mahdbergalpe. The team had shrunk a little and it was Elmar, Jutta, Natalie, Roland, Christoph and I. Jutta turned around at the alpe and the rest of us continued up on firmly packed snow to the summit. We followed tracks formed by a group in front of us as they zig zagged left and right up the slopes of pure white snow. The gradient reached about 35 degrees in places as measured by Roland with his pieps attached to his ski pole.

We admired the view from the summit then started on a fantastic 1000m descent with patches of powder to make it all the more enjoyable. I had my Go Pro with new gimbal mount for smooth flowing video. From the Alpe we continued down gentle slopes ending in a small section of forest where it was slightly more technical before landing on the track next to the river again. We headed back along the track and back up to the hut to sit in the sun for a while.

Schwarzer Kranz Ski Tour

6.5 hours, Dst 18.20 km Ascent 1250 m