Kiwis in London

I am in London. In the evening, Cass, Annalie, and I met up on the South Bank and went for a walk. We were joined by Greer later and then Ben. We had dinner at the local Wagamama’s.

It’s great that without any planning I can catch up with Christchurchian kiwi friends in London. Although Ben hadn’t met Cass, Greer, and Annalie it turned out they new a bunch of the same people. Therefore gossiping could proceed unhindered.

Cass and Annalie walking along the south bank (London) resize Annalie, Cass, and Greer (London, England) resize The london eye (London, England) resize

Above: Walking around the South Bank.

Below: Annalie, Cass, Cris, and Ben gossiping.

Annalie, Cass, Cris, and Ben eating out (London, England) resize

Beer in Oxford Circus

I met Todd Bray in Oxford Circus in the evening and we had a couple of beers. I think I’ve only seen him a handful of times in the last 15 years so it was good to catch up.  He’s been living in London for a little over a month and has one of them dinky working holiday visas.

Todd lost amongst Trashy Lingerie (London) resize Cris and Todd in Oxford Circus (London) resize

Above left: We got a little lost while searching for beer. Todd uses his Google Maps enabled phone to lead us away from Trashy Lingerie. Above right: Todd and I with cheesy grins.


I’m visiting Jeremy for a few days in the happening town of Eastleigh near Southampton.

Jeremy and Mo 1 Jeremy celebrates Movember (Eastleigh, England) resize

Above: It’s Movemeber. On the left you can see Jeremy and his Mo 1.0  and on the right Jeremy and Mo 2.0. Personally I prefer the second edition. It makes him into Count Jeremy the Villainous… or something.

Cris (Eastleigh, England) resize Jeremy and friends (Eastleigh, England) resize

Above left: Eastleigh was switching on the Christmas lights and had fireworks. Everyone was very excited. Such excitement is rare in Eastleigh. Don’t I look excited? Above right: Jeremy, Rob, and friends endure photo snapage.

Jeremy and Rob with Edit hiding behind the couch (Eastleigh, England) resize Rob got scared and moved out (Eastleigh, England) resize

Above left: Jeremy and Rob do their best to hide their flatmate Edit behind the couch. Nothing to see here… Above right: Rob got scared by all the photos and decided to move out. The photo shows a small percentage of the boxes he had.