Kiwis in London

I am in London. In the evening, Cass, Annalie, and I met up on the South Bank and went for a walk. We were joined by Greer later and then Ben. We had dinner at the local Wagamama’s.

It’s great that without any planning I can catch up with Christchurchian kiwi friends in London. Although Ben hadn’t met Cass, Greer, and Annalie it turned out they new a bunch of the same people. Therefore gossiping could proceed unhindered.

Cass and Annalie walking along the south bank (London) resize Annalie, Cass, and Greer (London, England) resize The london eye (London, England) resize

Above: Walking around the South Bank.

Below: Annalie, Cass, Cris, and Ben gossiping.

Annalie, Cass, Cris, and Ben eating out (London, England) resize

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