Heading away north

After a session of therapeutic rock climbing with Emily we ate blue berry pie and copious quantities of pizza. We then jumped in our little rental machine and boguned (to use Chris and Emily’s terminology) northwards. As the clock struck midnight we pitched our tent on a little patch of snow by the road.

Classics with Chris and Emily

Chris, Emily, and I headed out on the little trails for some more cross country skiing. After Emily’s high speed crash yesterday on her skates we decided to take classics today. This was not due to any fear of skating but sadly the force of the crash cracked one of her skis.

Man love (Trondheim, Norway) resize Emily and Chris hugging (Trondheim, Norway) resize

Above: Hugging of various sorts.

As can be seen by the videos below I am exceedingly good on the classic skis.

Above: Downhill action on skis. Below: Cris is unimpressed with his skis.

Cross country skiing in Trondheim

Emily and I went out skating for a few hours. The snow and the weather were good. My one hour of langlauf-ing with Frauke wasn’t really enough training to allow me to keep up with Emily. She effortlessly skated away into the distance, stopped and waited, and repeated.

View back down towards Trondheim Fiord (Trondheim, Norway) resize Cris is a co race machine (Trondheim, Norway) resize

Above: The tracks were freshly groomed and the snow was good. As you can see I was on-form. As Emily said I was looking very “co”, her short form for co-ordinated. Unfortunately she was being a little bit sarcastic.

Above:  Cris skiing in a very co-ordinated way.

Below: Cris is the star of the show.

A snowy weekend away

We headed away to a little hut in the hills on Saturday afternoon. We had two pairs of touring skis and a pair of “fell skis”. The latter are like classic cross country skis but slightly better for back country skiing. Only very slightly though. I struggled to make much progress on them so Chris took over and I used his touring skis.

It took perhaps an hour to ski into the well equipped little hut. We spent a cozy night there and did some skiing on Sunday morning around the hills behind the hut.

Chris heading up through the snow (Norway) resize`Chris and Cris (Norway) resize

Above: Approaching the hut through the grey.

Below left: Emily stirs a delicious curry. Below middle: Chris reveals that he is in fact a gorilla. Below right: An icy little tree for all to see.


Emily preparing dinner (Norway) resize Chris with his 6 pack (Norway) resize A snowy tree (Norway) resize

Blobbing in Trondheim

I’m in Trondheim staying with Chris and Emily. It’s rainy and misty and we are trying to formulate a plan for the day. Emily feels obliged to go to a museum with a work mate. Chris and I are keen to do anything besides.

Yesterday involved: booking expensive flights back to Germany early (mahh), running into town, climbing with Chris, Emily, and a Norwegian friend at the gym, eating expensive burgers at a restaurant, and watching a movie. Good good good.

Emily in Trondheim 2 (Trondheim, Norway) resize

Above: Emily searches for the climbing wall.

Below left: Chris and Emily with their beer. Below right: The square in Trondheim.

Emily and Chris with beer (Trondheim, Norway) resize Trondheim square (Trondheim, Norway) resize