Ari visits–3-climbing

I did the Tuesday Worlds in the morning. It went better than my first ride in December. In the afternoon we went climbing again, this time at Lyttelton Rock. The sun tried to bake us to the rock.

Ari climbing at Lyttelton rock (Ari visits 2020)Lunch (Ari visits 2020)

1) There were lots of opportunities to climb while Ari was visiting and we went to a number of crags on the port hills. This is Ari climbing at Lyttelton rock.

2) I sanded back the table before Ari arrived and oiled it so that it was nice to sit at again. We had a few meals outside on the deck under the umbrella.

Ari visits – 1

It was a very warm day. I picked Ari up from the airport before lunch and we headed home. She wasn’t at all jet lagged so we went climbing at Albert Tce. Ari was happy that it was so warm and summery.

Ari feasting (Ari visits 2020)Mmmm nachos (Ari visits 2020)

Above left: I made us a nacho feast after our afternoon of climbing. Above right: What better way to start a holiday than with nachos.

Tramping Mt Somers

We organised a family tramp into Woolshed Creek Hut near Mt Somers. It was a family trip because we had Simon, Anita, and their little one, and Clare, and her little one. So it was me, Katie, Gina, and the families.

Walking 2 (Woolshed Creek Tramp)Descending to the hut (Woolshed Creek Tramp)Playing pigs (Woolshed Creek Tramp)

Above left: We headed into Woolshed Creek Hut for an overnighter with the little people. Above middle: The little people did well with a mix of walking and being carried. Above right: We hung about in the hut in the evening.

Cris goes fishing for his croc (Woolshed Creek Tramp)Tramping in the mist (Mt Somers)

Above left: Throw away Cris’s shoe was played on the way out the next day. Above right: It was quite misty on the way out although we kept getting glimpses of blue sky to tantalise us.