A snowy weekend away

We headed away to a little hut in the hills on Saturday afternoon. We had two pairs of touring skis and a pair of “fell skis”. The latter are like classic cross country skis but slightly better for back country skiing. Only very slightly though. I struggled to make much progress on them so Chris took over and I used his touring skis.

It took perhaps an hour to ski into the well equipped little hut. We spent a cozy night there and did some skiing on Sunday morning around the hills behind the hut.

Chris heading up through the snow (Norway) resize`Chris and Cris (Norway) resize

Above: Approaching the hut through the grey.

Below left: Emily stirs a delicious curry. Below middle: Chris reveals that he is in fact a gorilla. Below right: An icy little tree for all to see.


Emily preparing dinner (Norway) resize Chris with his 6 pack (Norway) resize A snowy tree (Norway) resize