Another ‘nother tour

Went for a short ski tour in Austria with Frauke. We turned around before the top as we wanted to avoid going into avalanche territory. I demonstrated my complete lack of skills by rolling back down the hill after we turned around.

Heading upwards (Skitouring, Austria) resize

Above: Frauke leads the way during another ski tour.

Night tour

I went ski touring in the evening with Frauke in Nesselwang. They keep the ski-field open in the evening there. We headed to the top of the mountain on a mixture of piste and small tracks. Amazingly I didn’t damage myself on the way down.

NTC Mid-Winter Party

The NTC mid-season party was held this evening at the Seealpe at Nebelhorn. We piled into a gondola and headed up there after work. They started up one of the lifts and we spent some time messing around on snow bikes and what-not. This was followed by eating and drinking in the restaurant. Martin and Kim jammed on their guitars while Flo provided percussion on his drums. Nice.

Above:  Martin and Kim entertaining at the winter party.

Once everybody was sufficiently liquored we grabbed the snow toys and headed down off the mountain using the toboggan track. I was sober and road a snow bike. The others weren’t. Mayhem. Great fun.

At the Seealpe (NTC am Nebelhorn, Germany) resize The madness begins (NTC am Nebelhorn, Germany) resize

Above: Arriving at the Seealpe.

Below left: Branjo and Cris. Below right: Cris, Derrick, and Katharina.

Branjo and Cris (NTC am Nebelhorn, Germany) resize Cris, Derrick, and Kathi (NTC am Nebelhorn, Germany) resize

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