NTC Mid-Winter Party

The NTC mid-season party was held this evening at the Seealpe at Nebelhorn. We piled into a gondola and headed up there after work. They started up one of the lifts and we spent some time messing around on snow bikes and what-not. This was followed by eating and drinking in the restaurant. Martin and Kim jammed on their guitars while Flo provided percussion on his drums. Nice.

Above:  Martin and Kim entertaining at the winter party.

Once everybody was sufficiently liquored we grabbed the snow toys and headed down off the mountain using the toboggan track. I was sober and road a snow bike. The others weren’t. Mayhem. Great fun.

At the Seealpe (NTC am Nebelhorn, Germany) resize The madness begins (NTC am Nebelhorn, Germany) resize

Above: Arriving at the Seealpe.

Below left: Branjo and Cris. Below right: Cris, Derrick, and Katharina.

Branjo and Cris (NTC am Nebelhorn, Germany) resize Cris, Derrick, and Kathi (NTC am Nebelhorn, Germany) resize

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I had to work during the day but in the evening Oli, Frauke, and I investigated the Hörbar in Oberstdorf. There were two DJs playing housey type music which was alright but Oli and I weren’t hugely impressed. We played some table tennis and foosball before Oli briefly showed us his dance moves. Nils, Frank, and Flo turned up later and we swapped shifts with them.

Hoerbar Oberstdorf

Above: Oli, Cris, and Frauke in the Hörbar in Oberstdorf.

Skiing with Oli

Oli arrived last night all the way from Mannheim. He’s visiting for a few days. I tried snow boarding with him at Nebelhorn this morning but it wasn’t long before my backside convinced me to go back to skis.

In the evening we went climbing with Frauke and her friends at the wall.

Oli boarding on Nebelhorn (Germany) resize

Above: Oli boarding at Nebelhorn.