Eating out

We had a long day at work as the snow was good and it was a Saturday. Martin, Katharina, Grit, and I left the others toiling away in the evening and went out for dinner at the restaurant by the climbing hall. It was a chilled out kind of place complete with little couches and lime green blankets. We were a chilled out bunch and I was happy that I seem to have some more friends in Germany at last.

Martin working in the service room (NTC am Fellhorn) resize Franzi working (NTC am Fellhorn) resizeFrank working (NTC am Fellhorn) resize

Above: We left the real men at work. The “große” Martin is waxing a snowboard while Franzi services a pair of skis and Frank does a spot of waxing too.

Cris, Martin, and Katharina (Eating out, Oberstdorf) resize My challenged colleagues (Oberstdorf) resize

Above: Trying to look normal. My workmates look a little challenged. I’m sure I’ll fit right in.

Climbing again

I had a free day so headed up to see the ski-flying (like jumping but they go further). In the afternoon I went climbing in the gym at Oberstdorf with Ulli, Nobby, and Frauke who I met last Sunday at Waltenhofen. I seem to be getting some finger strength again, finally.

In the evening I headed into the winterfest with Martin and we jostled in a pub for a while with some of his skiing clients. I stumbled home at 12:30 and Martin stumbled back to my flat somewhat later.

Some more climbing

Smart-Mart and I headed down to the indoor climbing wall for some late night klettering. We did a few pumpy climbs for an hour and then we were finished. I top roped a 7- and lead a 6+. More climbing required.

A ski teacher and physiotherapist, Smart Mart, had a recent run-in with old age resulting in a rather sore back. He’s had to enter the boot renting business for a few weeks. Think Brendan but taller.

Martin climbing (Oberstdorf) resize

Above: Smart-Mart, also known as the “große kleine Martin” in reference to his height and position in the company, climbing at the wall.

Climbing at Waltenhofen

Katharina and I went skiing in our lunch break. She effectively highlighted how my skiing skills differ from hers. Never mind, I guess I’ll get better with practice.

In the evening Ulli and Deidre had a Kiwi-Connection do at the Waltenhofen sports hall in Kempten. It was a late Christmas celebration. I caught up with Kati and Deidre and climbed with Ulli, Norbet, and Anja. A good evening.

Kiwi connection do (Waltenhofen, Kempten) resize

Above: Ulli and Deidre shout us dinner at Waltenhofen.

Blue Day training

I spent the day at Nebelhorn doing a training day for the NTC Blue Day. Blue Day is the name they give to their program of random snow things. They have snow bikes, tubes, and other devices of minor destruction. School groups turn up and ride these things. I worked with Wolfi, one of the Blue Day guides with our group of 20 boys aged perhaps 16. All the Blue Day guides were good value and I had a fun day. Marko, Thomas, Wolfi, Nadine, Flori and I rode off the mountain in the evening. Wolfi and I took snow bikes while Flori skied and Nadine and Marko used crazy little ski box things. Fun fun.