Blue Day training

I spent the day at Nebelhorn doing a training day for the NTC Blue Day. Blue Day is the name they give to their program of random snow things. They have snow bikes, tubes, and other devices of minor destruction. School groups turn up and ride these things. I worked with Wolfi, one of the Blue Day guides with our group of 20 boys aged perhaps 16. All the Blue Day guides were good value and I had a fun day. Marko, Thomas, Wolfi, Nadine, Flori and I rode off the mountain in the evening. Wolfi and I took snow bikes while Flori skied and Nadine and Marko used crazy little ski box things. Fun fun.

2 thoughts on “Blue Day training

  1. thanks for your great videos 🙂
    Never tried a snow bike, and I’ll probably stick to the snowboard…

    Funny, the first video didn’t show in the rss feed, I only discovered it because I was going to write a comment…

  2. Hey Marcel, the snow bikes really are good fun. If you get the chance try one out and then stick to snowboards. 🙂

    How are things going in Graz? Busy, busy?

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