Ski Tour

I had the day off and went ski touring in the afternoon with Frauke. We headed out to Oberjoch and went touring up Wertacher Hörnle. I’d never been on touring skis before. The bindings are interesting and allow your heel to leave the ski as you walk/ski up the hill. Then at the top you remove the grippy skin from the ski, clip the boot into the ski and fall down, I mean ski down. I’m sure I looked quite amusing face planting regularly into the powder.

We went climbing at the gym in the evening with Frauke’s friends.

Cris up to his usual tricks (Oberjoch, Germany) resize Cris and Frauke (Oberjoch, Germany) resize

Above left: I couldn’t resist a short dance with the pole at the top of the mountain. Above right: Frauke and I at the top of Wertacher Hörnle. Well almost. Apparently this is the “winter gipfel” meaning what-we-call-the-top-when-it’s-snowy.

Frauke on skis (Oberjoch, Germany) resize Frauke and her friends at the wall (Oberstdorf, Germany) resize

Above left: Frauke on her skis about to lead me on a perilous journey through the dark dark forest. “The trees will catch you.”, she said with a smile. Above right: Frauke and her friends at the climbing wall.

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