A meal at Birkenweg

I cooked a meal for some work friends in the evening. Martin, Kim, Frauke, Grit, Nils, Katharina, Lisa, and Branjo turned up. My little flat is not well equipped for such festivities and at a crucial cooking moment the power went out. Could there have been too many people crammed into one room for the electrical system? Or was it that we had the stove going upstairs and the oven going downstairs? Was my flat taking exception to the stir fry I was cooking? While I pondered this, Nils and Frauke went in search of the power box.

The food wasn’t too awful and the company was better. We had a cosy evening eating and supping various beverages.

I’m heading to London tomorrow and then onwards to Norway.

Posy (Dinner at my flat, Oberstdorf, Germany) resize Kim, Branjo, Lisa, Grit, and Martin at my flat (Oberstdorf, Germany) resize

Above and below: Hanging about in my flat.

Martin is overjoyed (Dinner at my flat, Oberstdorf, Germany) resize Chilling (Dinner at my flat, Oberstdorf, Germany) resize