Walks in Ticino

Day 1

Leonie, mum, and I drove to Locarno on Saturday morning. We set up camp near a river and went for a walk.

Mum and Leonie (Walking in Ticino)

Above: We went for a small walk in the hills in the evening.

Day 2

We went walking in the hills. We had planned to do an easy klettersteig but it turned out to be so easy it was just a walk. Still we found some interesting old stone buildings.

Leonie smiling (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)View down to the lake (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)A sign (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)Leonie and Mum (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)Leonie climbing the funky wooden stairs (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)Leonie at the summit (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)Looking down from the summit (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)

1) We went walking in the hills above the lake.

2) There was a nice view back down and lots of interesting stone buildings. We ate lunch about here before continuing.

3) A sign on the way.

4) Leonie and I continued from here while mum took a break and poked around the village.

5) We had expected a klettersteig so were prepared for one but instead there was this interesting path.

6) The usual cross at the top.

7) There was another nice view down to the lake from the summit.

Day 3

We drove to Valle Varsazca and had a look at the river along with many other touristy types. Late afternoon we walked up to Rifugio Costa from Frasco. The walk involved about 1000 m of climbing and was quite steep. It rained off and on as we climbed. We arrived at the hut in evening and it was amazing. It was a little stone hut big enough to sleep 7 people comfortably. It also contained a fire and gas stove and sink plus table. Very very nicely set up. But the best of all was that in a little building next to it there was a shower with warm water! The hut costs about 8 EUR / night and you pay by bank transfer. There’s a nice view into the surrounding valleys. It’s up on a spur.

The rain cleared and the sun came out and we decided to cook outside on the big stone table.

Green river (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)Walking through the forest (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)Lunch time (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)Walking up into the hills (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)Looking back down (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)Leonie arriving at the hut (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)

1) There was a very picturesque river running down the valley.

2) We crossed the river and walked through the trees on the other side a little.

3) We had lunch near the river.

4) In the afternoon we walked up into the hills to a hut that we had scoped out online.

5) Mum looks back down the valley.

6) Leonie arriving at the hut.

Mum arriving at the hut (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)Leonie at the hut (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)Looking into the valley (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)Mum at the hut (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)Mum at the hut 2 (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)Cris and Leonie (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)

1) Mum arriving at the hut.

2) Leonie outside our great little hut for the night.

3) View from the hut in the evening.

4) Mum outside the hut.

5) Mum outside the hut as we prepare dinner.

6) Us preparing dinner.

Mum and Leonie at the hut (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)Night sky (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)More night sky (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)

1) Mum and Leonie at our stone table.

2) The night sky in the evening.

3) More night sky.

Day 4

It was a sunny morning and we headed off for a short walk into the hills behind the hut. There were more stone buildings falling to pieces and the hillside was littered with rock. Mum stopped and Leonie and I went further. It got steep as we climbed. Leonie waited and I went up to the ridge line. The ridge was narrow and the drop on the other side was sheer. The view into the valley below was amazing.

We had lunch at the hut and then headed back down into the valley. We drove back to Lindau stopping at San Bernardino pass.

The hut in the morning (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)Going for a walk (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)Lunch at the hut (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)

1) The hut in the morning.

2) The next day Leonie and I went walking further up from the hut to the ridge line. It got steep and Leonie waited while I scampered up to the top. Mum walked a little way before heading back down to the hut.

3) Another sunny day.

Leonie amongst the rocks (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)Mum collecting blueberries (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)Leonie and Mum at the pass (Walks in Ticino Sept 2018)Us on San Bernardino Pass (Walks in Ticino 2018)

1) Leonie on the rocks above San Bernardino pass.

2) Mum picking blueberries on San Bernardino pass.

3) On the way back we drove up to the San Bernardino pass.

4) Us at San Bernardino Pass.

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