Wolfgangsee 2017 I

We woke at the Hofpürglhütte to clouds followed by rain. As this wasn’t the best for climbing we had breakfast and wombled down to the cars. We then drove to the Wolfgangsee with some creative navigation that involved us driving over a pass. Unfortunately this cost us 10 EUR for the entertainment but as we are positive people we saw the positive side and intensely enjoyed the mountain air, the winding road, the cows, and all that could be enjoyed.

We drove to Gasthof Kleefeld for lunch and did the Brustwand klettersteig, the same one that Leonie and I had done a few weeks earlier. Then it was off for a swim in the lake briefly as the sun was coming out. It was then time to look for our accommodation between Strobl and Bad Ischl. It turned out to be a very large arty apartment with room for nine people at least. It had a balcony facing onto a river and it was all quite excellent.

We set about cooking dinner and spent the evening listening to chilled out music, drinking wine, and chatting. Sam and Sebas turned up from Munich in time to enjoy the evening too.

Nice nice.


On Wednesday night Johannes, Ari and I escaped to Munich in the Ari-mobil. We landed at Sam and Sebas’ and hung out there for the evening.

Then on Thursday the journey continued to Filzmoos in Austria. We drove from there up to a car park below the hofpürglhuette where we meet Brendan and his lady Domi. The weather was much nicer than expected and we sweated our way up the short distance to the hut (about 50 minutes).

The hut is pretty nice. Typical alpine hut. We found a spot in the mattress area and sat out on the terrace for some lunch. In typical Ari fashion, Brendan, Johannes, and I shared most of her lunch. 

Then it was off for a via ferrata route that turned out to be mostly a walk with a few not strictly necessary cables near the end. It was nice though and we had patches of snow to cross which amused us and we got to kick steps with our soft shoes in the soft snow. 

There was a nice view from the summit of the steigkogel and we could see back down to the hut. 

Suddenly terrified that we might get back too late for our Halbpension evening meal we headed off back down. This time we made use of the patches of snow and we did some premium glissading down to the main track. The snow was suitably soft and the gradient not too steep so as to make it safe.

 We were all quite successful except that Brendan decided that his shoes were then too wet and that his bare mountain feet would be more appropriate for the rest of the way back along the stony route.

We ascended a short distance back to the steiglpass before heading back down towards the hut aided by more snow.

After dinner we got a little bit of sport climbing in on a couple of the 150+ routes in the area. We headed back down to the hut at dusk shortly before 10 pm. A nice day. Life is good.

Some swiss cycling

Markus and I drove off to Switzerland and parked in Netstal near the start of the Indianer Klettersteig. It was a sunny day and the plan was to do some cycling. We headed off up the valley and ascended to Klausenpass. Then we had a long descent, punctuated by some expensive Swiss food at a restaurant, to a lake. 

The lake was very blue and full of wind surfers. We rode along the side of it on a very funky little bike path that had tunnels and views back down the lake to mountain still sporting snow. The funky bike path degenerated into a far less funky busy road that we left just before Schwyz. After a bit of unnecessary up and down we joined the main road again and headed onwards to a little town before our second pass.

It was meltingly hot and so we stopped for ice cream at a cafe before beginning the ascent. The pass road was very steep and we sweated our way slowly up. We were still on the pass late in the evening and reached the car at dusk.

I nice but quite long day out.

Muttersberglauf 2017

After a friend entered Leonie in the Muttersberglauf she decided she couldn’t have all the fun alone and entered me also. So we drove to Bludenz on a very wet Sunday morning. The race was short, just 8km but with 1200 m of climbing. It was a part of the world cup mountain running circuit which didn’t help our prospects of doing well. 

The race started and I cruised off at what I thought was a happy sustainable pace noting that my legs were still tired from cycling. Not long before leaving the streets and entering the forest Leonie caught me up and I decided to give up on trying to go hard and treat it as a leisurely training run. So I ran with Leonie waiting occasionally but not much to the top. 

The weather was pretty rubbish. It felt like running in a tropical rain forest for a lot of it, misty, cloudy, and very damp.  We escaped the cloud below the summit to cross the finish line at a little hut.

After descending we drove back to Lindau at which point the sun came out and I went for a nice ride up to Pfaender and along the hills before heading down to the lake in the evening and hanging out with the Denso/Adasens/Couch surfing crew for the evening.

Via Oerfla Klettersteig

Daniele, Katerina, Chris, Julia, and I headed off to Götzis in search of the elusive Via Örfla klettersteig. Daniele and Katerina had looked for it before but had not found it so this time they brought reinforcements, extra pairs of eyes.

The route starts at the swimming pool in Götzis and follows a river along a marked track for some time. It then takes a left and continues up the river in the Örflaschlucht. This is a nice ravine with high cliff walls. Walking up this river feels like you have landed in the jungle somewhere in Asia. It feels remote. The track is marked occasionally with rock piles. We found the start of the klettersteig after maybe 45 minutes walking on the true left of the river.

The klettersteig is not too difficult. It feels like a B/C route. It crosses the river again and the scenery is really nice. A sharp climb with views back down into the ravine. A little more walking and you come to the end… Except you haven’t… There’s a small section of walking before you get to the last section which is more like a D and ascends directly out of the ravine (you’ve already done a good part of the climbing).

It’s a sustained few minutes of climbing and you are finished. There’s then a nice walk back down which drops back into the ravine lower down and then leads back out the way you came to where you started.

Very nice.

Via Oerfla Map

Above: A map of the area (Kompass Wanderkarte)