Johannes R headed home on the train in the morning and Johannes D and I went for a speedy walk/run. We headed up to Hochkalter. It’s a challenging walk with some unsecured free climbing sections. We did the entire trip in 5:30 hours which seemed pretty good as the guide said 6 hours in one direction.

Heading off (Hochkalter Aug 2019)About to scramble (Hochkalter Aug 2019)

Above left: Johannes and I set off for another day mission, this time up the mountain Hochkalter. Above right: There were some scrambly bits along the way. This is just before an ungraded steep scramble.

On the ridge (Hochkalter Aug 2019)

Above: We reached the ridge above the hut and continued up the rocky ascent.

Johannes climbing the rocky graded section (Hochkalter Aug 2019)

Above: There was another section of climbing. This time enough that it is graded UIAA II so not difficult. We took care on the section and continued.

Johannes on the rock(Hochkalter Aug 2019)

Above: We continued ascending.

Johannes looking pooped at the gipfelkreuz (Hochkalter Aug 2019)

Above: We got to the summit pretty quickly.

Cris at the Hochkalter summit (Hochkalter Aug 2019)

Above: Posing at the Hochkalter summit.

Johannes and rock (Hochkalter Aug 2019)A lake to cool off in (Hochkalter Aug 2019)

Above left: It was then back down into the valley Above right: We took a dip in the lake to cool off.

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