Watzmann Überschreitung

I headed to Berchtersgarten with the two Johannes’s. It being a very touristy area it took us a while to find a campsite that wasn’t full. We found one and I cooked us dinner on my camping cooker. On Saturday did the Watzmann Ueberschreitung. It’s a walk high up in the hills along a long ridge. It’s one of those classic tours that you have to do at some point. It was good fun.

We ascended quickly to a hut and then continued on at a good pace. Johannes D went ahead on the descent and I followed a bit behind, jogging once we joined the valley floor. We all caught up at a hut for a drink before walking the remaining 10km + back out.

Heading up (Watzmann Überschreitung Aug 2019)Steps (Watzmann Überschreitung Aug 2019)

Above left: We climbed quickly into the hills. Above right: The path was a well formed European thing.

Cris (Watzmann Überschreitung Aug 2019)

Above: It turned into a rocky ascent with the route painted onto the rock.

Taking a break (Watzmann Überschreitung Aug 2019)Mountain through a mountain (Watzmann Überschreitung Aug 2019)

Above left: Johannes D and I taking a break to wait for Johannes R. Above right: Mountain through a mountain.

Red marks the way (Watzmann Überschreitung Aug 2019)

Above: The route isn’t technically difficult but it is exposed in parts.

Goats in the hills (Watzmann Überschreitung Aug 2019)

Above: Meeting the local wildlife.

Johannes at the cross (Watzmann Überschreitung Aug 2019)

Above: Johannes R at the cross.

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