Brendan visits

Brendanas has been visiting over the last few days. We went and saw the Cat Empire playing across the border live in Strasbourg, France on Thursday night. They sounded great live and it was a good evening out with Nico, and Philipp.

The Cat Empire in Strasbourg, France resize

Above: The Cat Empire performing in Strasbourg, France.

Above: Miserere.

On Friday we threw Brendan into a MRI scanner to see if we could find his brain. It was a fruitless search. All we could find in there was a little man sitting in front of a bank of monitors pulling levers. We went out with Nick and Cecile who were visiting Julian on Friday night for some Indians. They taste nicer in numbers.

On Saturday we conquered Schauinsland by bike with Jakob.

Julian with a flat (Black Forest, Freiburg) resize Jakob at the Rappenecker Hütte (Freiburg) resize

Above left: Julian does his best to break Jana’s mini-bike during our descent from Schauinsland. Above right: We stopped for a feed at the Rappenecker Hütte on the way back to quieten Jakob “I haven’t had lunch yet” Asslaender.

Brendan and I had an extended breakfast with Jana and Julian on Sunday morning.

And that’s pretty much it…

Schauinsland via Horben descent via Rappenecker Hütte – Studentin Weg Time: 3:01:14 Dst: 42.95 km Avg: 14.22 km/h Max: 47.63 km/h

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