Day 5 – Scaletta Pass to Davos

We were awoken by swarms of Swiss trampers in the morning as they arrived at the shelter. We peaked outside and decided to go for a brief mission before jumping on our bikes. We headed South-West from the shelter and crossed the glacier leading up to Chüealphorn (3078 m). After sitting for a while at the top we descending by a slightly different route which involved a bit of glissading.

Climbing Chüealphorn (Switzerland) resize Descending from Chüealphorn (Switzerland) resize

Above left: Crossing the glacier to climb Chüealphorn. Above right: Glissading down off Chüealphorn.

Above: Riding towards Grialetschhütte.

Chris carrying his bike to Grialetschhütte (Switzerland) resize

Above: Sometimes it’s best to avoid any excessive wear-and-tear and your equipment. In these cases it’s best to take the strain off your bicycle by carrying it on your shoulder with your many kgs of bags.

Emily near the Grialetschhütte (Switzerland) resize Drinking (Grialetschhütte, Switzerland) resize

Above left: Emily near the Grialetschhütte. Above right: Emily sups at the Grialetschhütte.

We left our little shelter at Scaletta Pass and headed North down a valley parallel. Instead of heading the full way down we turned right and headed up to what the map calls Fuorcla da Grialetsch. We investigated a little mountain hut (the Grialetschhütte) before heading down another valley. It began to rain as we descended and we ended up spludging around in mud with a heard of cows. Chris and Emily fled in a mad panic leaving me to fend off the mooing creatures. At the bottom of the valley we carried our bikes up to the road and cycled over Flüelapass (2383 m) pass back to Davos while the sky proceeded to empty the ocean on to us. Luckily we had somewhere dry and warm to stay, courtesy of Dieter. Once back at Dieter’s house we feasted on a Chris and Emily veggie wrap feast. Yum yum.

Emily carrying her bike down the river (Switzerland) resize Cris riding down the river (Switzerland) resize

Above left: Emily sums up the mountain biking done on the trip. Above right: Yay, a ridable section. In hindsight we should have crossed to this side of the river much earlier…

Flüelapass 2383 m (Switzerland) resize Mmmm dinner (Davos, Switzerland) resize

Above left: Flüelapass (2383 m). Yes, the height is important… Above right: Chris and Emily cooked up a vegetable wrap storm. Yummy yum yum.