Sea kayaking, Rab Island, Croatia

We are waiting at the ferry terminal on Rab Island , Croatia for the ferry that will head back to Jablanac on the mainland in half an hour. We’ve just spent two days kayaking
around the island. We came over here on Saturday morning and hired a couple of single kayaks from a very laid back kayak firm/family in Rab. Then it was onto the water and off.

The weather was as usual perfect and the water was an amazing turquoise colour. It reminds me of the Soca river in Slovenia.
Unfortunately, there was an abundance of older topless German women hiding in every little inlet ready to pounce. However despite this slight drawback the island was very
nice. It reminded me a little of the Abel Tasman. In parts the bush looks similar from a distance. The rocks are white and there are lots of little
inlets to hide in.

Brendan sea kayaking (Rab Island, Croatia) resize Camping (Rab Island, Croatia) resize

Above left: Brendan in his kayak on the Adriatic Sea. Above right: We camped the night on a small island Sv. Grgur.

After a couple of stops to go swimming in the delicious warm water we came across an old Slovenian dude in a sea kayak. We paddled with him for the
next hour or so until my weedy little not-used-for-many-years arms gave up and he kayaked off into the setting sun that was not yet setting due to it
being summer and all. We continued on at our pace and reached another island off to the North of Rab named Sv. Grgur where we met our Slovenian friend
again. We pitched our tent on the island and wandered around for a while. In keeping with our experience of Croatia so far the island was sparsely vegetated and very dry, many white rocks, pine trees in parts and other trees I couldn’t identify. Our Slovenian friend saved the day after our cooker failed to start proving that MSR Whisperlite International cookers do indeed require their fuel filter.

Kayaking near Rab Island (Croatia) resize Rocks on Rab Island (Croatia) resize

Above left: View from the kayak near Rab. Above right: We found some nice rocks to climb around on Rab. We found a spot to get out of our kayaks and did some deep water soloing around the rocks.

Today (Sunday) we headed away from our satellite island in the morning back to Rab Island. There a nice little spot presented itself to us to do some deep water soloing. We parked our kayaks in a little cove and braved the spikey rocks for some premium soloing. We kayaked off for bit until we found a tiny beach for lunch that wasn’t inhabited by saggy boobies and man bum.

After lunch we had a long paddle around the end of the island and then back to Rab. And now we’ve crossed over on the ferry and we’re heading south. I am on insect swatting duties (a few buzzy things have found their way into the car) while Brendan navigates the windy roads.

View towards the mainland (Rab Island, Croatia) resize View while kayaking (Rab Island, Croatia) resize

Above left: View of the mainland. Above right: View from our lunch spot.

Above: Deep water soloing on Rab Island.

3 thoughts on “Sea kayaking, Rab Island, Croatia

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  2. Hi, please, could you tell me where the place was where you did deep water solo on Rab Island??

  3. Hey, to be honest I’m not really sure anymore. It was a while ago. It’s somewhere on the North East of the island. It was just a random spot that looked good to climb on and we were able to pull our kayaks up onto the rocky coastline to access it.

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