Dash into the Routeburn Track Jan 2013

Leonie and I left Kidd’s Bush early and drove to Queenstown. We had left extra early and that allowed us to drive speedily to the start of the Routeburn track. We went for a walk to the first saddle from the Glenorchy side, had a bite to eat and ran back out again before driving back to Queenstown, picking up my parents, and driving to Te Anau.

View (Routeburn Track)Leonie and Cris on track (Routeburn Track)

Above left: We had a few hours before we were expected to pick up the parentals from Queenstown so we sped into the start of the Routeburn track and went walking /jogging for a few hours. Above right: We did some posing too.

Nice waterfall 2 (Routeburn Track)View beside river (Routeburn Track)Leonie on a log (Routeburn Track)

Above left: We found lots of nice waterfalls along the way. Above middle: We had a bite to eat at the river here. Above right: Leonie found a log to pose on.

Mmm crackers (Routeburn Track)

Above: Yum, crackers, how delicious. Why don’t Germans know how to do crackers?

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