Tramp into Lake Howden Hut

We did an overnight tramp into Lake Howden Hut. It decided to rain on us on the way in and the weather wasn’t too flash the next day either. Despite this Leonie and I went for a quick scamper up to Key Summit after waking at the hut.

Leonie with Lake Marion across the valley (Howden Hut Tramp)Cris and Leonie at Key Summit (Howden Hut Tramp)

Above left: We went for a scurry up to Key Summit to catch the little bit of sun that was on offer. From there we had great views down, and across to multiple lakes. This is Lake Marion in the background here. Above right: Posing near Key Summit.

Cris sits and ponders (Howden Hut Tramp)View across Lake Howden from Lake Howden Hut (Milford)

Above left: Some more posing during our walk. Above right: We had a nice view across Lake Howden from the Lake Howden Hut.

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