Dolomites Day 6

It was a very cold morning but it wasn’t snowing and that was good enough for us. We jumped on the bikes and headed up to the Sella pass like we had a couple of days ago. There was a whole lot more snow around and it was very cold at the top (under zero according to the interwebs). We rode down to the junction and up to Gardena pass. There was also a heap of snow there, enough that we could dump our bikes in the snow beside the road and they would stay standing upright. From there it was a descent into the valley, a quick coffee, and up to Campolongo pass, another shorter descent and then a final ascent of Pordoi pass at a good clip. It was rather nippily (to use the correct jargon) the entire time but the road only had patches of snowy slush on it around the Sella and Gardena passes. A nice day of riding and plenty of chances for posy snow pictures. Woohoo.


Riding towards Gardena pass (Cycling Dolomites)Difficult conditions for riding (Cycling Dolomites)Easier on foot (Cycling Dolomites)

Above left: After the Sella pass we headed down and back up to the Gardena pass. Above middle: It was rather difficult to ride by the time we got to the pass… At least it would have been rather difficult next to the road. Above right: I decide that it would be easier by foot and go for a little stroll with my bike. There was a good deal of snow on Gardena pass, actually there was also a good deal of snow on Sella pass, Campolongo pass, and Pordoi pass.

Cris at passo Campolongo (Cycling Dolomites)Cris at passo Pordoi (Cycling Dolomites)

Above left: Thomas and I rode tempo up to the Campolongo pass. Above right: Thomas and I zoomed up to the Pordoi pass, while Marco nursed his weary legs after having ridden an extra four hours while we were lazy yesterday.

Dolomites Day 6 – Time: 03:27:07 Dst: 67.2 km Avg: 19.5km/h Max: 65.2km/h Ascent: 2178m

Above: Strava stats.

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