Day 13 – Skjolden to near Hafslo

We headed off from Skjolden about lunch time along a tiny road leading down one side of the fiord. There were three tunnels along the way that were pitch black. Luckily the Norwegians had stuck little post boxes at the beginning and ends of the tunnels and inside the post boxes were bike lights. The idea is that you grab a light at one side of the tunnel, ride through it and then deposit the light in the box on the other side. I had my beefy LED head lamp with me and we blazed our way through the tunnels with that.

We visited a waterfall on the way along the fiord and then the world’s oldest church. Leonie did the tour and as I’m alergic to historical/cultural things I drank a hot chocolate instead. We took a ferry across the narrow fiord afterwards and went looking for a camp site. Around 9 pm we found a spot by a hydro lake in a narrow valley not far from Hafslo. Leonie hid in the tent and I cooked a rice/salmon creation while being nibbled on by various bitey things. It had been raining off and on since the ferry ride and was very cold again. Ughhh…

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