Some tramping in Vorarlberg

Leonie and I snuck away for some tramping (hiking) across the border in Austria on Thursday. We drove to Warth where we headed up to do the via ferrata route leading to Karhorn. It was a nice warm autumn day and strolling was quite pleasant really. The via ferrata route proved not to be what Leonie had in mind for a beginner’s route so we abandoned somewhere along the way and headed up the nearby peak Wartherhorn instead.

We camped in St Anton in Arlberg in the evening in an attempt to avoid the killer fog that seemed to be creeping up the valleys. We didn’t do a terribly good job and it spent the evening raining on our tent.

We headed back towards Lindau in the morning but by chance a few rays of sunshine fell on us and changed our minds. Instead we headed up into the hills again from Vadans and wandered over to the Heinrich Hueter hut and stayed the night there. There were two more interesting via ferrata routes which we hoped we might have a look at but the weather the following morning had other plans. We walked back down in more killer fog and drove back to Lindau instead.


Leonie and Cris about to start the Klettersteig (Karhorn Klettersteig)Leonie spots her klettersteig set on the warning sign (Karhorn Klettersteig)Cris and Leonie in the hills (Karhorn Klettersteig)

Above left: We drove to Warth in Austria. We strolled up into the hills to do a via ferrata route to Karhorn. Above middle: We were at first a little worried to see Leonie’s via ferrata set was famous for all the wrong reasons but luckily it was one of the newer safer versions according to the serial number. Above right: We were all jolly and happy before our via ferrata fun.

Leonie climbing below (Karhorn Klettersteig)Leonie walking down (Karhorn Klettersteig)Cris near the hut (Heinrich hueter huette tramp)

Above left: Leonie climbing on the via ferrata route. She wasn’t so impressed with the climby-ness by this stage. Above middle: After abandoning the via ferrata we went up Wartherhorn for some summit goodness. Leonie strolls back down afterwards. Above right: On Friday we drove from our camp site in St Anton in Arlberg to Vadans where we cheated and took the gondola up into the mountains. We then strolled to the Heinrich Hueter hut for the night.

View in the evening 2 (Heinrich hueter huette tramp)Cris and Leonie at the cross (Heinrich hueter huette tramp)

Above left: Nice view from the Heinrich Hueter hut in the evening. Above right: We went for an evening stroll to make the most of the weather.

The hut in the evening (Heinrich hueter huette tramp)

Above: We had a nice view of the Heinrich Hueter hut on the way back from our stroll.

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