Corsica 2014 Day 9

To keep up with our trend of leaving late we headed off from our camp in Corte at 11 am on bikes. We rode up the Restonica valley as far as the rode went which meant about 800 m of climbing next to a nice river. At the end of the road we left the bikes and continued on foot stopping at the river for a refreshing splash and some food. We headed up to Lake Melo, took a few photos, then headed back down for a fun descent back into the heat of Corte.

We did a small tour of the town in the evening stopping for extremely oily pizza at a restaurant followed by an icecream.

Leonie in the morning (Corsica 2014)Heading off (Corsica 2014)Leonie riding upwards (Corsica 2014)Leonie walking up (Corsica 2014)At the lake (Corsica 2014)Mountains behind the lake (Corsica 2014)Us in the evening (Corsica 2014)Leonie adventuring (Corsica 2014)Having a scout around (Corsica 2014)

1) Leonie at our camp.

2) We headed off in the heat.

3) Riding up the hill in the heat.

4) Leonie walks up the path to Lake Mélo.

5) Us at the lake.

6) The peaks behind the lake Mélo were jagged.

7) We had a look around the town in the evening.

8) Narrow places.

9) Old town style.

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