Saula Klettersteig and Douglas Hut

We drove to Brandnertal in the morning and parked near the Lünerseebahn. From there we walked up to the Douglas Hütte and dropped some of our gear. We then trekked over to Saulajoch in the sunshine. Leonie waited at the pass with an E-book and Brendan and I headed down towards the Henrich-Hueter Hütte. Before reaching the hut we headed up to the Saulakopf Klettersteig and climbed up to Saulakopf. The Klettersteig was good fun with some sections where you needed a bit of arm strength. I managed to haul my fat backside up to the top though.

At the top we raced back down at high speed and met Leonie again. We did a loop around the Schafgafall and back to Douglashütte where we stayed the night.

It was cold and had rained the next day. We went for a walk to the Totalphütte.

Cris (Saulakopf Klettersteig)Brendan (Saulakopf Klettersteig)Cris 2 (Saulakopf Klettersteig)

Above left: Brendan and I headed up the Saulakopf Klettersteig. Above middle: It was very steep and very slightly overhanging in parts. Above right: I told myself I had to do more for my arms as I hauled myself to the top.

Brendan again (Saulakopf Klettersteig)View from the top (Saulakopf Klettersteig)Going walking near Lünersee

Above left: Brendan reclips. Above middle: There was a good view from the top. Above right: We went for a walk up to the Totalphuette the next day.

Drei Schwestern

Brendan turned up on Friday, and we cruised over to Liechtenstein with him. We parked near the hills and went for a wander. We climbed 900 m through thick fog to a little alpine hut where it began to clear. From there we had another 600 m up to the ridge where we were treated to an awesome view across a sea of cloud hanging over the Rheintal and Austria on the other side of the mountain range.

We walked along the ridge towards the “Drei Schwestern”, three peaks on the range that are apparently sisters. As we began to descend so did the sun and we decided to sit for a bit and watch the sunset. As dusk fell we stormed down, missing the sign pointing us to the route down to Liechtenstein and heading instead down into Austria. It took us a while before we realised our mistake, but this was ok because as we climbed back out of the foggy soup we were treated to a bright moon.

We stopped at a hut on the way back and had a bite to eat before driving back to Lindau.

Arriving at an alpine hut (Three Sisters Oct 2014)Leonie heads further up (Three Sisters Oct 2014)Jumping is good (Three Sisters Oct 2014)

Above left: Brendan and Leonie and I headed off to Liechtenstein for some tramping in the hills. We ascended steeply through thick fog until we reached a little hut just on the fog line. Above middle: Leonie did some grinning. Above right: We reached the ridge and I took the opportunity to do some jumping.

Cross and funky clouds (Three Sisters Oct 2014)Descending (Three Sisters Oct 2014)

Above left: The view above the fog was very nice. Above right: We clambered over the three sisters and headed back down again.

Hill poking out through cloud (Three Sisters Oct 2014)

Above: We waited for sunset and then continued our descent managing to head down the wrong way into Austria instead of back into Liechtenstein. Realising our mistake we headed back up in the dark, admired the moon for a bit and then head down the right way.