Golden Bay Dec 2014

Leonie and I drove up to Golden Bay and spent 10 days up there with my family. We went running, cycling, kayaking, and climbing. We caught up with Katie briefly and I went climbing with Holly and Amy. Ian and Eva visited for a couple of days too.

Going for a run (Golden Bay Dec 2014)Cris goes climbing (Golden Bay Dec 2014)Leonie under a rock (Golden Bay Dec 2014)

Above left: We went for a run into the North end of Abel Tasman national park a few times. We did a 20 something km loop over Gibbs Hill and back via Totaranui and the bays one day. We also ran out to Separation Point another day in the rain after attempting to run up the inland track, which proved to be too rough. Above middle: Our first run took us past Anapai Bay on the way back. Delicious Abel Tasman golden sand and rocks to climb on at the end of the beach. Above right: Or rocks to hide under if that’s your preference.

Golden and green (Golden Bay Dec 2014)Mr crab 2 (Golden Bay Dec 2014)

Above left: The Abel Tasman really is fantastic. Here’s a little golden beach surrounded in bush that’s completely deserted. Above right: There were big crabs to be found hiding amongst the rocks across from Wainui Inlet.

Riding (Golden Bay Dec 2014)Mum and dad kayaking (Golden Bay Dec 2014)

Above left: Gina lent Leonie her road bike so we did a little bit of cycling… well really more commuting. Above right: We hired a sea kayak on my birthday and paddled it around from Tata Beach across Wainui Inlet. Even the olds had a go.

Cris and Tobyd with BBQ 4 (Golden Bay Dec 2014)Cris and Leonie at the BBQ (Golden Bay Dec 2014)

Above left: There was a birthday BBQ in the evening. Above right: With lots of delicious things.

Mmmm cake 2 (Golden Bay Dec 2014)Dad and Leonie with the boat (Golden Bay Dec 2014)Looking up at the sails (Golden Bay Dec 2014)

Above left: And some delicious desserts too. This is a tasty gluten free, vegan chocolate cake with a delicious fruit salad dumped on top. It certainly tasted good. Above middle: We went out for a sail and managed to pick problem the nicest calmest day of the trip. Still we managed a little trip out towards Tata Islands and back. Above right: Sails can look pretty pretty.

On the boat (Golden Bay Dec 2014)Going for a cruise (Golden Bay Dec 2014)

Above left: Yes, proof that I was there too. Above right: There was some nasty sit-on-top kayaks at the bach. We took them out for a cruise along the sand spit at Wainui Inlet and watched the sting rays cruising below us in the water.

Cris and Leonie at Separation Point (Golden Bay Dec 2014)Eating dinner (Golden Bay Dec 2014)Holly belaying (Golden Bay Dec 2014)

Above left: The weather packed a sad on the 17th and Leonie and I went for a run in the rain to Separation Point. Above middle: Ian and Eva came and visited for a couple of days. Above right: Holly, Amy, and I did some climbing at Paynes.

Leonie climbing at the sea cliffs (Golden Bay Dec 2014)

Above: Leonie and I went climbing at the sea-cliffs one evening.