7 thoughts on “Hiking Triglav National Park, Slovenia

  1. Hi from Finland!

    These pictures are awesome!
    We are hiking to Vogel this year and that´s why I found your site.

  2. Hello Cris, thanks for the pictures of your trekk, they look awesome.
    I plan to go trekk Triglav in May with my girlfriend, I read wild camping is strictly forbidden. Where did you pitch your tent ? I see some photos with your tent that do not look like official camping site.

    Thanks for your response,


  3. Hi Jeremy,

    I wrote a reply to your comment but somehow it vanished… 🙁

    Anyway, quickly again…

    If you want to do it officially then there are many alpine huts in Triglav national park that you can stay at cheaply if you are a member of an European alpine club. The issue is that the huts don’t generally open until early June I think (or maybe late May).

    I’ve been in the park a few times in May and there was usually a fair bit of snow about so good footwear and possibly even an ice axe/crampons are needed (especially if you want to go up high).

    Otherwise you can camp in the valley along the Soca river. Camp Triglav is a favourite of mine. Good access to the park by foot and quiet.



  4. Hi Cris! Probably had this question asked already, did you wild camp at all in Triglav? Looking to do something similar but dont want to stay at campsites.


  5. Hi Grace,

    It’s forbidden to free camp in the park and according to the internet you could get fined 100 EUR. In saying that, I did free camp there a couple of times. I just pitched the tent late in the evening away from the tracks and left early the next day and made sure I didn’t leave any litter.

    There are a few bivs in the park where you can stay for free so this could be another option worth looking at. Otherwise go in the shoulder-season, keep a low profile and you should probably be ok.


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