5 thoughts on “Hiking Triglav National Park, Slovenia

  1. Hi from Finland!

    These pictures are awesome!
    We are hiking to Vogel this year and that´s why I found your site.

  2. Hello Cris, thanks for the pictures of your trekk, they look awesome.
    I plan to go trekk Triglav in May with my girlfriend, I read wild camping is strictly forbidden. Where did you pitch your tent ? I see some photos with your tent that do not look like official camping site.

    Thanks for your response,


  3. Hi Jeremy,

    I wrote a reply to your comment but somehow it vanished… 🙁

    Anyway, quickly again…

    If you want to do it officially then there are many alpine huts in Triglav national park that you can stay at cheaply if you are a member of an European alpine club. The issue is that the huts don’t generally open until early June I think (or maybe late May).

    I’ve been in the park a few times in May and there was usually a fair bit of snow about so good footwear and possibly even an ice axe/crampons are needed (especially if you want to go up high).

    Otherwise you can camp in the valley along the Soca river. Camp Triglav is a favourite of mine. Good access to the park by foot and quiet.



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