Swimming in Switzerland

Ed and Abbie turned up in the morning. We all (Chris, Emily, Ed, Abbie, Keith, and myself) piled into their little car and boganed off out of the valley and around the hills to a lake listening to NZ music. It was another nice hot day and it was enjoyable catching up with the travelers and hanging out in the sun. We went swimming in the lake and Chris and I leaped from the mooring poles near at the edge of the water. We tried pole dancing using one of the lamp posts near the lake. Some of us were better than others.

Pole dancing with Abbie 2 (Swiss O Week, Switzerland) resize Pole dancing with Abbie 3 (Swiss O Week, Switzerland) resize Climbing pole (Swiss O Week, Switzerland) resize

Above left and middle: Abbie practices pole dancing with help from Emily and Ed. Above right: Cris and Chris climb onto the pole that they used for diving from.

Below left: Cris sitting on the diving pole. Below right: Cris dives.

Cris sitting on pole (Swiss O Week, Switzerland) resize Cris diving (Swiss O Week, Switzerland) resize

Later on we headed back to Muotathal via the supermarket in Schwyz and then further up the valley for tea. We had two dishes. Number one was blue vein cheese gnocchi . The same dish that we cooked the other night. The second was pasta sauce and ga-nosh-ii. This dish is very similar to the first. The differences being the blue vein cheese, pasta sauce, and the pronunciation of the word gnocchi. Ed and Abbie use the more literal pronunciation. The cultured amongst us (everyone else) use the Italian pronunciation. At least we think we do but really, as none of us are particularly cultured, we’re not entirely sure.

Ed and Abbie (Swiss O Week, Switzerland) resize Keith (Swiss O Week, Switzerland) 1 resize

Above left: Abbie offers beer? Above right: Keith waits for tea.

Below left: Preparation of dinner spot.

Getting tea ready 2 (Swiss O Week, Switzerland) resize

Anyway, so we sat by the river and ate gnocchi, drank beer, and then followed it all up with chocolate moose (as you might take tramping in NZ). All and all, a good day.

Ed and Abbie have the words ‘New Zealand’ stuck to the back of their car in black electrical insulation tape. Fantastic.

Kiwis unite (Swiss O Week, Switzerland) resize

Above: The kiwis beside Ed and Abbie’s wheels. Spot the black insulation tape!

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