Yet more climbing

Another day of climbing in sunny Allgaeu. Ulli, Peter, and I headed up to Gruenten and went climbing at a crag somewhere near the top(?). The crag was a line of cliffs on the mountain protruding like a puffy scratch. The rocks rose out of the ground allowing us to climb on either side of the crag. Peter and I climbed together leading three climbs and then climbed another four on top rope. Peter is a kiwi who lives in Zell am See in Austria and works as an outdoor instructor. He’s a good outdoors guy and fun to hang out with.

Another good day out.

Cris climbing (Allgaeu, Germany) resize Ulli climbing (Allgaeu, Germany) resize A crag on Gruenten (Allgaeu, Germany) resize

Above left: Cris at the top of a climb after finishing a lead. Above middle: Looking down from the top of the crag at Ulli climbing. Above right: The climbing crag viewed from the safety of the hill-top restaurant.

[gmap lat=’47.58095′ lon=’10.262356′]

Planning, planning

A day of planning bits and pieces for the coming weeks. Heading to Graz on the 4th and have found places to couch surf for that night before meeting Mark and Sylvia the next day. Had a squizz at jobs again. There’s a MySQL, PHP webby-type job here in Immenstadt and a few embedded software jobs in Munnich. Even had a few hours hacking at some ADO code for a MS Access DB in C#. Blerk.

Church in Untermaiselstein (Allgaeu, Germany) resize Eating out 3 (Allgaeu, Germany) resize

Above: Church in Untermaiselstein, May pole in Allgaeu?

Some climbing

I went climbing with Ulli and Mikal in the afternoon up near Gruenten (a mountain about 10 minutes drive from here). Lead a couple of climbs graded around 17-ish I think. Finished top roping something like a 20. I have no finger strength. Not surprising really. Anyway, it was good fun. I should do some more climbing.

Here’s something weird. I’ve been trying to find places to volunteer for a couple of months and I’ve had very few replies. Then tonight I had three replies in the space of about an hour. Now I have three places to go. Not sure if it will fit in now that I’m planning to go hiking with Mark and Sylvia in Romania. We shall see…

BTW I updated the photo gallery. I’ve added photos from the OO Cup in Slovenia, hiking in Triglav National Park in Slovenia, and the Swiss O Week in Switzerland. Happy viewing.