Picnic at the Dreisam

It’s been a bit cooler today. I met Maria in town at lunch time and she bought some food from from the market. There were all sorts of goodies and we wandered between stalls as she tried to get the “pfand” back from a bunch of old jars that she had in a bag. Lots of interesting home-made things. Then we headed up the Dreisam to a open grassy patch and had lunch. We met an Aussie and his German girlfriend and chatted to them for a while. Tom, the Australian, knows Julian. What are the chances? We took turns trying to walk the slack-line he had set up between two trees.

I helped Julian and Jana install there new (new-old) extra gray Swedish kitchen cupboards and what-not in the afternoon. Mmmm gray.

Tomorrow I head to Bayern.

Maria walking slack-line 1 (Freiburg, Germany) resize Maria walking slack-line 2 (Freiburg, Germany) resize

Above: Maria walks the slack-line set up by Tom the Aussie.