A ride to France

We donned our cycling rags today and headed form Julian and Jana’s out to a little vineyard that has a little restaurant where they serve homemade food. We lazed around there eating and chatting for a while before Ed, Em, Julian, and I headed to Breisach near the French border. We crossed the Rhine and swam in its muddy waters before heading back towards the flat in roadie style (bunch ride with little sprints). Ed had a mountain bike with nobbly tyres and had to grind the whole way while Em and Julian had road bikes and I had Julian’s commuter with slicks.

Keen cyclists 2 (Freiburg, Germany) resize

Off to Germany

I cruised around today on Jane’s bicycle while she rowed away somewhere. Another nice swim in the lake. There’s water at the temperature it should be in there. Had hot chocie and apple struedel with Jane at a swanky cafe when she returned. They had chandeliers from the roof and a menu with prices to pay for them. The Zuerich street parade was on and we wandered through the outskirts of the crowd marveling at the costumes and states of undress that people were in. Paul van Dyk was playing later I think. Pity I didn’t know the event was on. I would have been keen to see him.

At 6 pm I caught the train to Arth-Goldau where I met Emily. We trained through to Freiburg and walked to Julian and Jana’s flat. During the last hour of the train ride we were entertained by two drunk German families who had been at the Zuerich street parade also. Julian had cooked a delicious lasagne that we feasted on when we arrived. Spent the evening chatting to him, Jana, Ed, and Abbie.