Swiss O week day 2

Rain rain rain and more rain. I hibernated in the main building for most of the day and did computery things. Apparently the orienteering was a mud bath. Chris had an excellent run and placed 3rd. It appears that the rough muddy course suited him well. Sadly there were issues with one of the controls which meant that the organisers pulled today’s elite men’s and men’s long from the event rankings. Chris was highly annoyed as you’d expect.

The organisers found alternative accommodation for people whose tents were water logged and Chris and Em decided to make use of this. So in the evening the went and slept in a large hall with other orienteering refugees.

Water logged (Swiss O Week, Switzerland) resize A rainy night (Swiss O Week, Switzerland) resize

Above left: Chris and Em wait outside the people-whose-tents-flooded hall. Above right: Walking back to the campsite in the murk.

[gmap lat=’46.973601′ lon=’8.748141′]