Visiting Zuerich

I’m sitting in a cafe in Zuerich.

I headed to Zuerich with Ed and Abbie in their automobile today after returning the mountain bike I have been borrowing. It’s hot here. Really quite warm. We wandered around the pedestrian area for a while and then drank raedlers at a cafe. Ed and Abbie have headed off to Freiburg now to see Julian and Jana. I’m staying the night at Jane Allison’s flat. I’ll try and navigate there in a couple of hours from the cafe.

Drinking beers 2 (Zuerich) resize Ed and Abbie in Zuerich (Zuerich) 1 resize

Above left: Ed, Abbie, and Cris have a drink at a cafe in Zuerich. Above Right: Ed and Abbie just happen to be outside Jane’s flat in Zuerich.


I found my way over to Jane’s flat. She showed me a swimming spot down by the lake crowded with bikini babes. We went for a dip and swam out between the boats moored at the edge of the lake.

Cris and Jane (Zuerich) resize Clock tower (Zuerich) resize Stairs to roof (Zuerich) resize

From left to right: Cris and Jane after swimming at the lake, the clock tower viewed from the roof of Jane’s flat, Stairs leading to the rooftop.

Later we had tea with her flat mate Marie on the roof with a great view of Zuerich. Jane cooked a delicious tea had with wine and followed with icecream and special Zuerich chocolates for dessert. Finally we had a spot of port and more chocolates. My, I am being spoiled.

I was amused as Jane berated her flat mate for giving the guest the spoon from Ikea rather than bringing up the silver. Considering that I have spent the last couple of weeks wearing smelly clothes, sleeping in a smelly tent, and eating out of an icecream container with a plastic spoon, I thought I was doing pretty well and no spoon from Ikea was going to change that.

Marie, Jane, and Cris eating dinner on the roof (Zuerich) resize View from rooftop 2 (Zuerich) resize

Left to right: Marie, Jane, and Cris feasting, view of street below Jane’s flat.

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