Some climbing

I went climbing with Ulli and Mikal in the afternoon up near Gruenten (a mountain about 10 minutes drive from here). Lead a couple of climbs graded around 17-ish I think. Finished top roping something like a 20. I have no finger strength. Not surprising really. Anyway, it was good fun. I should do some more climbing.

Here’s something weird. I’ve been trying to find places to volunteer for a couple of months and I’ve had very few replies. Then tonight I had three replies in the space of about an hour. Now I have three places to go. Not sure if it will fit in now that I’m planning to go hiking with Mark and Sylvia in Romania. We shall see…

BTW I updated the photo gallery. I’ve added photos from the OO Cup in Slovenia, hiking in Triglav National Park in Slovenia, and the Swiss O Week in Switzerland. Happy viewing.

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